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What color eyes do you have and what zodiac sign are you?

I know the appearance of people has nothing to do with astrology and all genetics but this is out of boredom and curiosity!What color eyes do you have and what zodiac sign are you?
dark brown looks black but if you look deep inside you might see bluee a little green and a lot of honey
im a scorpio (october 30)
My eye color tends to change from indoors to outdoors. Outdoors I have a very bright crystal blue color, but indoors, I have a blueish grey color.(: and I am a Pisces!!:3 ( I'm kind of dissapointed there isn't another post from a pisces on here though. =/)What color eyes do you have and what zodiac sign are you?
Blue-green. I have a dark blue outside and a bright green inside. Like two circles drawn around each other. But they look brown indoors and bright green outdoors, like a forest green. Super weird.
i think m eyes are light brown idk because when im in the sun they turn light and in the dark you stil can see the brownWhat color eyes do you have and what zodiac sign are you?
Hazel Brown %26amp;%26amp; Green.. they turn gray depending on the light or weather:)

I'm a Leo! (July 25th)
I have Blue eyes. They change shades of blue...sometimes they are light blue, sometimes they are dark blue.
Actually the appearance of people CAN kind of have something to do with their signs!

Brown and Cancer/Scorpio moon....
Brown eyes , Sagittarius
Brown eyes, like half of the world. And I'm a Sagittarius. But I don't see how a zodiac sign effect eye colors at all. O.o
Dark brown,mistaken for black sometimes.

I have brown eyes %26amp; I am a Scorpio (November 4th)
Green %26amp; Sagittarius. (:
Lol I have hazel/blue eyes and I'm a cancer ^^
very dark brown, almost black color eye.

scorpio girl
light brown - Aquarius
..brown eye cancer... :-(
bright small deep black eyes
Honey Brown with golden pigments, best known as amber.

light brown/hazel but depending o my dress sometimes turn to green
Blue Eyes. Libra
Blue. And I'm an Aquarius.
dark brown. gemini
Hazel (Brown %26amp; green) and I'm a Libra!
dark dark daaark brown, seems black.

i'm a scorpio

Hey zodiac freaks! What zodiac signs do you consider to have the most beauties?

This is random probs or not whatever. But to you which stands out more when it comes to looks on females? Like which signs do you think has the most BEAUTIFUL/PRETTY looks ladies? The highest amount to have? And could you also tell me why, how?

Bq: What's your sun sign?

BQ: What's your gender?Hey zodiac freaks! What zodiac signs do you consider to have the most beauties?

Libra--duh, ruled by Venus. Charming and balanced

Taurus, also Venus-ruled. More sensual and solid looking

Aquarius--they're supposed to be striking and quite beautiful
Pisces guys! I have fallen for so many of them! They're just naturally handsome and super nice and romantic!

I'm a Cancer girl!


lipsyguru76 %26lt;3Hey zodiac freaks! What zodiac signs do you consider to have the most beauties?
i can't answer your first question, because i don't think zodiac has to do with beauty.

But i'm a Cancer girl, if that helps at all. I know Cancers are sensitive and compassionate :P
The most attractive sign I think is Pisces. Justin Bieber, Victoria Justice %26amp; Rihanna are all Pisces %26amp; they're gorgeous. I'm a Libra girl. :)Hey zodiac freaks! What zodiac signs do you consider to have the most beauties?
Hmm i think my cancerian sister is beautiful and gemini males and females are handsome/pretty
You are freak :P

Libra ofc.

Every Libra girl/boy I meet is beautiful.
I think that Scorpios are the prettiest. They're always striking in one way or another.

-female Capricorn

What celebrities do you think best represent their zodiac sign?

preferably list a male and a female for each! Bonus points for description but you don't need itWhat celebrities do you think best represent their zodiac sign?
I'm probably going to base this on looks and how they seem since I don't know any of their real personalities


-Amanda Bynes: Innocent and young-looking, eccentric, funny

-Heath Ledger: Awesome. Looked young even as he got older


-Penelope Cruz: Naturally beautiful, intense eyes, sexy

-Enrique Iglesias: Dark hair and skin, big eyes, girls seem to like him


-Natalie Portman: Small and skinny, social, versatile

-Johnny Depp: Extremely versatile, funny, likeable


-Sofia Vergara: Soft features, round eyes and face, beautiful

-Robin Williams: amazing actor, good at tapping into emotions. Some of the greatest actors are Cancers I've noticed


-Mila Kunis: Bold, striking, popular

-Steve Carell: Does his own thing, kind of crazy


-Blake Lively: Reserved and modest but still beautiful

-Adam Sandler: Intelligently funny, brilliant, accomplished


-Hillary Duff: Positive, outspoken, classic beauty

-John Lennon: Strived for peace and equality


-Katy Perry: Sexy, intense, many different levels

-Leonardo DiCaprio: Deep, worldly, girls seem to like him


-Amanda Seyfried: Fun, travels, bright eyes

-Ben Stiller: Crazy, does what he wants


-Nina Dobrev: Cool, aloof, not so good with emotional acting, classic natural beauty

-Orlando Bloom: Reserved, down-to-earth, attractive


-Ellen Degeneres: Hilarious, weird, worldly

-Adam Lambert: Weird, out of the ordinary, doesn't care what others think


-Drew Barrymore: Turned to substance abuse but pushed through to become an amazing actress

-Daniel Craig: Seems out of it, good versatile actorWhat celebrities do you think best represent their zodiac sign?
Antonio Banderas - Leo ... His such a fashionable, passionate, risky individual in his movies %26amp; in personWhat celebrities do you think best represent their zodiac sign?
Angelina Jolie-Gemini

How are you suppose to read the new zodiac signs?

I was a scopio and now i'm a libra. so, what gives? does this mean all along i should have been reading horoscopes for a libra? and am i suppose to read the libra now or what?? anyone care to explain to me?How are you suppose to read the new zodiac signs?
Yes I will care to explain it to you, if you are willing to understand that it is actually more complicated than you thought it was.

'New', is not the right term here.

This "new" zodiac order (also known as sidereal astrology) has been going on for thousands of years now.

Today, many people follow Tropical (aka western) astrology, which does not include Ophiuchus like Sidereal astrology.

That is because to Tropical astrology, Ophiuchus does not count as a real zodiac sign, since they do not depend upon constellations, but degrees. Sidereal astrology believes Ophiuchus is a zodiac sign, and they have already incorporated this several years ago.... so why is this news so popular all of a sudden?

Astrologers and astronomers have decided to leave alone the differences between sidereal astrologies beliefs and tropical astrologies beliefs.

Except one astronomer who decided it was time to publicly announce to the world that everyones sign is all wrong, and confuse the public who have always followed Tropical astrology.

Even though many do not know what tropical or western astrology is, that is because people want simple direct theories. Who the hell would believe there are two kind of astrologies suddenly, right? You have to give people a clear explanation to actually make them understand, but these days no one has time to give any explanation. The best we can do is put out a few reliable sources out there and hope people will be willing to research them on their own, instead of waiting for answers to come to them. That is why there are people like me, who do all this research for hours and answer questions like this that have been going on for several several several long hours.How are you suppose to read the new zodiac signs?
i'm pissed off too, i used to be a virgo but now i'm on the border of leo and virgo. i'm not sure which one i am! you should go by your old horoscope, i read mine everyday and the virgo one always described me. my cousin has an aries tattoo on her foot but now she's a pisces... xDHow are you suppose to read the new zodiac signs?
same here! its so wierd!

Do the new zodiac signs apply to everyone or just people born after 2009?

My sign just changed from Aquarius to Capricorn, and im pissed.Do the new zodiac signs apply to everyone or just people born after 2009?
I was born a Capricorn and I will die a Capricorn. Plain and simple.
It is possible, because at the time you were born, the planet had not shifted to pass through the 13 constellations yet, so therefore you were born under the Aquarius constellation. Since the planet shifted in space when Ophiuchus appeared, in 2009 you are still Aquarius.

This is my personal opinion, but if you try and Google it, it indeed seems like the planet only shifted in 2009.Do the new zodiac signs apply to everyone or just people born after 2009?
If you want to stay the same sign, follow Western Astrology.

If you want to follow the "new" sign (which isn't but has been around for 100s of years) follow Vedic or Sidereal Astrology.

Nothing has changed except some astronomer wanted to get his name in the media and be famous for something that everyone who studies astrology already knew. Astrologers have been familiar with this concept for years.
I'm pissed too dudee! Haha like you don't even know

but I'm not sure who it applies to

I've read a ton of articles, and from what I know, it's basically up to you because there is actaully more than one way of choosing your sign. Meaning, they have the zodiac and old eurpean or something. They just like mashed it all together and it won't make sense if there is 13. So I'm just gonna stick with what I have now!Do the new zodiac signs apply to everyone or just people born after 2009?
I'm pretty sure it's for people that were born after 2009.

When I figured they changed it, I flipped out!

I bet the person who changed it was the person who declared that Pluto wasn't a planet...

I LOVE pluto, and my zodiac sign!

Heyy, Same with me!

I was born Aquariaus and if the signs apply to me, I'd be a Capricorn.

I was born Febuary 12th :)
It seems that it is applied to everyone, but most of the news sites that covered this story quoted the same Astrologer who said that whether our Zodiac Sign is changed or not, it would not affect our Horoscope Readings or Who We Are. So, basically, it is up to us on whether we want to keep our signs or change it. Either way, we would get an accurate reading of our day to day lives, our personalities, Our luck, and our compatabilities. Nothing's set in stone yet, so I believe we're ok.
I've heard that it only applies to people born in 2009 or later, but I haven't found any articles stating that.

I was an Aquarius too and if I chose to accept the new symbol, I'd be a Capricorn.

I don't care if there's a new sign or not, I'm an Aquarius. We bring the water.
You guys are lucky you didn't fall under Ophiuchus! I'm so pissed. ): I sure hope this isn't gonna be official or at least we're not going to be affected. I love being a Sagittarius and i don't want to be ophiuchus..

i read one article stating that it's not going to be for everyone.. just those born after 2009. i just don't see how it makes sense but let's cross our fingers!
I sure hope it's only after 2009, My sign would also change to capricorn from aquarius, and i'm not okay with that. Capricorn sounds like some sort of fungus that grows between your toes, or some sort or gum disease (no offense to capricorns or anything).
It happened in the 1500s, so yes the dates are different:

But if you want to go by how it was, more power to you. If you want to go by the sun's true position in the sky, then you have to use the new dates.
I don't understand how it could only apply to people born after 2009, it would be completely messed up to have been born on the same date as someone, before 2009, and have a different zodiac sign than them.
So I've been hearing rumors that the new Zodiac signs only apply to those born after 2009. Whether that's true or not I don't care because I'm still a LEO!!! My birthdate falls under Leo for both, the old and new horoscopes. WOOOOOOO!!! I'M A TRUE LEO!!! RAWWWWRRRR!!! RAAAWWWWRRRR!!! hahahaha
I have no idea if it applies to everyone or just people born after 2009. I have heard both stories but i cannot find facts about it only applying to people born after 2009.

@Julia i am born Feb. 12 too! I am pissed the signs changed! I will always be an Aquarius!
i dunno if it applies to everyone or ppl born after 2009 and hey, i'm a capricorn and they're cool. cooler than aquariuses because they have no emotions. ...I, on the other hand have a right to be pissed. my sign changed to sag. i dont WANT TO BE A SAG! T_T
It only applies to those who were born after 2009, according to what zodiacfacts on twitter says.
No, it doesn't apply to anyone. Astrology has to have an even number and if you add a 13th Zodiac sign it doesn't work. SO no it doesn't. There is another one but its not used.
Its possible for it to only apply to those born in 2009, seeing that's when the earth sifted. Anybody before that you remain the same!!!
ok so no ones signs have changed unless your like only three years old. its possible that it only affects these ppl because when we were all born the stars were different. it wouldnt make sense if it applied to us.
I keep hearing that its people born after 2009, however I have not seen that myself in any article I've read. I was an Aquarius too. I don't want to be a Capricorn!
mine changed from aquarius to capricorn too!

like wtf. ew.

hoping that it only applies to 2009 - present
I don't know how that's possible that it only applies to people who were born after 2009. Doesn't make any sense.
i think only for people born after 2009... im so pissed also.. im going to be a Virgo forever... lol

What do you think is the most popular zodiac sign?

I have met a lot of Taurus %26amp; Geminis! Which one do you think is the most popular?

I'm A Scorpio yet I hardly meet any! What do you think is the most popular zodiac sign?
my office is jam packed with Taurus, Scoprios, Cancers and and a fair amount of Pisces.

There is always a ton of drama!!!

It's like we are still in grade school! I hide ;-)
GeminiWhat do you think is the most popular zodiac sign?

we are the babies from those cold winter months!What do you think is the most popular zodiac sign?
my mom is a scorpio :)

Im a Capricorn, but I agree with u

i'm a gemini btw
scorpio almost every1 i meet is and i am 2
I'm a scorpio too lol were out here somewhere but I met alot of virgos, geminis and Leos
I'd say the most popular are Libra's, Leo's, and Cancer's.
i'm a Sagittarius and i have loads of Sagittarius friends
im cancer

i met soooooooooooo many like me
i m not a leo but certain it is the most popular zodiac sing
Cancer baby!!!!!!!!!
I'm a gemini!

Taurus, Cancer, %26amp; Pisces because each are one month long.
Taurus by far! no contest....
Sagittarius %26gt;=D
geminis bcuz i am
I met A LOT of Libras. I only know 2 Scorpios :) lol so I would say they're pretty rare, but sexy %26amp; bad ***

I'm just another Gemini :D
Virgo is likely the most sought-out Zodiac sign. (Everybody wants to believe they've met a Virgin...)
evry1 seems to be a Scorpio or an Aquarius for some reason... i never meet Virgos like myself

*oh yea, Taurus, too.

tell me about it, Trank* i'm like the only Virgo!
I'm a capricorn, I've met mostly capricorns and tauruses
Im a Taurus...and I have met a lot of Taurians
I guess Taurus and Cancer. I have met a lot of people who are Tauruses and Cancers.

~I am a Taurus also~

I'm a scorpio.

What song and zodiac sign matches the most for you?

Like as if the song were talking about them

the only thing i can think of is for a scorpio and the song is Mannequine by Katy Perry because most of them don't show alot of emoiton and they're very mysterious its like they just sit there.

Tell me what your thoughts are and what song matches who.

~GeminiWhat song and zodiac sign matches the most for you?
Aries: Britney Spears - Circus - The Leaders, They take charge and are independent

Taurus: Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars - i think the lyrics really explain taurus

Gemini: Avril Lavigne - Innocence - Gemini's are innocent basically lol

Cancer: Beyonce - Halo - Cancer is basically the angel, they are sympathetic, creative and caring

Leo: Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - They're beautiful, Superficial and have lots of confidence

Virgo: The Cure - Disintegration - Relaxing, A song anyone can lose themselves in

Libra: Katy Perry - Hot N Cold - They can go from hot to cold, they change their minds a lot

Scorpio: Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl - very sexual people Ha ha, not saying they're all Bi, but i think the straight Scorpio women would be most daring to kiss a woman

Sagittarius: The Saturdays - Lose Control - They like to have fun, Very energetic

Capricorn: The Script - The Man Who Could Not Be Moved - They don't like people trying to change their mind / Their opinion, Serious, Hardworking and Stubborn

Aquarius: Kerli - Walking on Air - Unique and individuality

Pisces: Jason Mraz - I'm Yours - Very romantic and creative

I'm a Libra

No Rain by Blind Melon...Sign is Cancer, my real sign is Cancer....Even though my taking Paxil in the past has dubbed down my emotions a lot, I still acknowledge that I have them deep within my mind-they just don't show as much as they used too. I have always been overly emotional and very anxiety ridden, it sucks lol.What song and zodiac sign matches the most for you?鈥?/a>

Matches Aries women :)

oops it's meant to be the sexy Bitc* version not sexy chick version.
Don't pick up - Shane Orok matches virgo/libra. lol. idk.What song and zodiac sign matches the most for you?
'Hot 'n' Cold', also by Katy Perry

but for Aries.


I should know how fickle anyone with a strong Aries influence is!