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Which is the dumbest sign of zodiac?

I am an Aquarius and we are supposed to be the genius of the zodiac. I was wondering which sign has the least amount of intelligence.Which is the dumbest sign of zodiac?
I have a virgo friend which is very dumb (virgo are supposed to be very intelligent), i have some gemini friends which are very stupid and other ones that are very smart (smart a搂搂es) . Also I know tons of sags that are way too intelligent and nerds . Most of sags I know are smart and philosophical ....And I disagree with some opinions here My leo cousin is the smartest female I've ever known (leo are supposed to be dumb) . I know many stupid and many麓geniuses aquas....

So It means nothing ...

U have to look the entire chart and the planet aspects, and especially the mercury placement.

I'm an aquarius with leo moon, and I don't consider myself a GENIUS or dumb.. I can say I'm good conversationalist and diplomatic
sagittarius are dumb and Libras are full BS

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Which is the dumbest sign of zodiac?
No sign is dumber than any other. Intelligence is a broad term used to describe many areas of life, so it is impossible to judge such a thing in a completely objective way. If you are referring purely to book smarts then you can not answer this by Sun sign. The Sun is your ego, and simply that. You must look to the rest of the chart, most importantly Mercury's sign, house placement, and how it is aspected. Even then, there might be other factors contributing that could be easily missed if you don't have much experience with astrology.

You will meet "smart" and "dumb" people of all signs throughout your life. Answering a question like this based on some of your experiences just doesn't show much intelligence for how the world works.
I can;t believe people think sagittarius is a dumb sign. Am like the smartest of all my friends. Something I don't like about sagittarius people [ and something that thank God i don't have ] is that they're always on your face; always being annoying and they never shut up. Am a very typical sagittarius, but not in that matter. Am very outgoing, but quiet, I don't like talking that much. Am not gonna lie; am shallow and self centered, so I guess that makes people get annoyed. I think the dumbest is Libra; the ones I meet are just so stupid omg. I also have a Virgo friend; and she's very dumb.Which is the dumbest sign of zodiac?
theres no dumbest zodiac it all depends on the person but the least understanding are Sags theyre so shallow and all over the place and you should here the things that come out of my Sags friends mouth im surprised nobody takes advantage of her cause she always sounds so lost everytimes she talks and the worst part of it is she always thinks nothing is wrong about what she says
I think the sagittarius is the stupidest because they spend their time talking, being loud, and being obnoxious instead of soaking up their surroundings and they don't like to learn about other people. Very self centered. That is just what I have noticed, not say all sags are this way.

I'm a capricorn.
Aries....hands down.

They can be very smart too, it's weird, they're not boring.

Sagi, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

taurus, too selfish and stubborn to get it.


Cancer can sometimes be airheaded, they are all about emotion
I thought Geminis and Virgos were the geniuses.

anyway, none are dumb. I always thought Leos were but Oscar Wilde had a leo moon and he was intelligent. So thats why I say none. I've read that leos arent known for their brains, but idk.
You really try to make yourself feel better by calling out Sagittarius first answer. haha dumbest? maybe. Wise? Yes.
There is no dumbest %26amp; there is no smartest. EVERY sign, at some time or another, has been smarter than the rest..........and has also been dumber than the rest.
Not sure of the sign but you will definitely be considered dumb in my book if you ask such questions.
Libra this goes for both the males and females.
Capricorn people are

Capricorns and sagittarius.

oh oh, let me leave here before they get me.
There's no way to tell from a natal chart whether the person is intelligent or stupid. You can only tell how they use and process what is given them and how they may react to it.

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